Stop.Inhale.Reset 2015 to 2020

Initially we were asked to help Scentered – the mindfulness lifestyle brand of 100% natural, plant-based aromatherapy balms, candles hair and body care products – launch their Christmas offer to press in 2015. Features and product placements in both industry and consumer press have helped promote Scentered as the go-to choice for those looking for a handy, natural tool to help direct their thoughts, emotions and actions in order to live happier lives.

Five years on, we have supported their new door openings online, on the high street and through their distributor in salons and spas. We have masterminded new product launches with a difference for press and handled their successful Beauty Award applications. Throughout we worked seamlessly with their in-house teams and later with their American agency to build a cohesive international brand. We understand how important it is for start-up brands, on start-up budgets, to get exposure and Scentered’s success is proof that we can make it happen.

‘Jennifer’s holistic approach to PR works brilliantly for Scentered – her conscientious, reliable and thorough application of the nuts and bolts of product placement and award nominations is invaluable as is her knowledge of both industry and consumer print and digital press. Consistently delivering press coverage, social media attention, partnerships, column spaces, award wins and brand exposure opportunities, her creativity and network has been invaluable.

She works fast, goes the extra mile and her experience means that she brings valuable opportunities for the brand to our attention.’ Lara Morgan, Founder